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Explore: Quantifying Religious Experience Research Study

How intense are your spiritual or religious experiences compared to those of other people? How unusual are they? How memorable? How emotional? The aim of this project is to measure many aspects of religious and spiritual experiences so that we can meaningfully compare them. The study is open to everyone.

Below are the surveys and questionnaires belonging to this research study. If you have agreed to participate, your goal should be to work your way through the steps. We'll hold your scores and your personalized feedback for you, so you can come back and see your graphs at any time.

Here is the procedure to follow.

  • Step 1: Register on this site in order to access the surveys. Remember your login details so that you can see your results later. If you are already registered on this site, just log in.
  • Step 2: Enroll for this particular research study. This is important: if you are an invited participant, someone might have given you a special participant ID#; if so, this is the place to enter it.
  • Step 3: This is the required part: sharing a religious or spiritual experience and answering questions about it. Answer all items in each survey with proper care and frankness because this is important for validity of results.
  • Step 4: This is the optional part: sharing a very ordinary, not-religious, not-spiritual, and not-intense experience, and then answering questions about it. It might seem weird but this part of our study helps us create a baseline for interpreting intense religious or spiritual experiences.
  • Afterwards, explore your feedback. Each survey will give you feedback to explain your results. You may not be able to spend time thinking about that information while you are taking the various surveys. But you can log in again at any time to retrieve your feedback and learn about yourself by reading through it.
  • Take other surveys on this site at any time. All of the other surveys on ExploringMyReligion.org are available to you at any time from the Explore page.

Remember that your results are confidential and that we carefully protect your privacy.


You are currently a "guest" user which means that you can take our surveys, but you will not be able to return to this site and see your scores at later times after this session. If you would like to save your scores to view later, please register. If you already have an ExploringMyReligion.org account, please login and we will merge your current data with your previous data.

Step Study Date Taken My Results Link About This Study
Step 1 Register on this Site Please Login
or Register

Registration is necessary for us to record your survey data and for you to see feedback on the studies you take.
Step 2 Enroll for this Study No Results YetPlease Register to Take Study
Enrolling tells us that you want to participate in this study.

Invited participants who have been given a special participant ID number will enter that here.
Step 3 Religious and Spiritual Experiences No Results YetPlease Register to Take Study
How do your spiritual experiences compare with others?

Tell us about one of your religious or spiritual experiences. Narrate the experience, answer questions about it, and receive thought-provoking feedback. If you are one of the first 200 completed surveys, you can direct us to make a donation to one of several well-known charities.
Step 4 Ordinary Experiences in Depth No Results YetPlease Register to Take Study
Help build a baseline for comparison!

This survey creates a baseline for comparison with spiritual experiences. We'll ask you to share an ordinary experience, neither religious, nor spiritual, nor existentially intense. When we have enough data, we'll supply some fascinating comparisons between ordinary experiences and the spiritual experience you shared in Step 3. So please help us gather the baseline data!


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